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By Beaumont Smile Center
January 12, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Gum Health  

Find out what you can do to keep your gums clean and healthy.

We take time out everyday to brush and floss our teeth. We may even take our teeth into consideration when we choose what snacks to eat or drinks to consume; however, how often do you think about your gums? While gums are often ignored, they are just as important as your teeth for maintaining good oral health. Your Beaumont dentist offers up some handy tips for keeping your gums General Smilehealthy and free of gum disease.

Floss daily

While brushing twice a day is imperative to a healthy smile you can’t take for granted how good flossing is for your teeth. After all, your toothbrush can’t get into those hard-to-reach spots between teeth that floss can so easily glide in and out of to remove debris and food.

Eat for Your Smile

If food affects your overall health why wouldn’t it also affect your oral health? Therefore, think before you eat. Instead of grabbing a chocolate bar or bag of potato chips during that mid-afternoon lull, opt for snacks and foods with no added sugar. Also incorporate more fruits, vegetables and calcium into your diet.

Stay Fit and Trim

Research has shown that those who are obese deal with more dental problems than those who maintain an ideal weight. Therefore, regular exercise to help you control and retain a healthy body mass index (BMI) will go a long way to protecting your teeth and gums.

Invest in Your Smile

The oral products you purchase should be of the best quality to ensure that you are getting the optimal results from your daily oral routine. Therefore, opt for a nice electric toothbrush, which will provide the proper amount of pressure needed to remove plaque and buildup.

Halt Tooth Grinding

If you are an avid tooth grinder, particularly at night, talk to your Beaumont dentist about wearing a custom-made mouth guard to protect your mouth from excessive wear and damage.

Nix Bad Habits

Smokers are at an increased risk for developing periodontal disease; therefore, to protect the health of your smile and the rest of your body it might be time to ditch this nasty habit once and for all.

While these are just some things you can do from the comfort of your own home to ensure that your gums are healthy, you also need to keep up with your routine dental cleanings. It’s only through preventive care that we can detect problems early on and provide the proper treatment to keep your smile healthy.