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By Beaumont Smile Center
November 05, 2013
Category: Invisalign
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Invisalign Dentist Beaumont TXInvisalign, the innovative orthodontic treatment, is a crystal clear favorite for teens and adults from all over the world. So, whom should we thank for refining the design and production of invisible orthodontics? Zia Chishti. He mainstreamed Invisalign, so patients, young and old, can discreetly correct their teeth.
In 1997, Mr. Chishti founded Align Technology—the global medical device company that established invisible orthodontics. Within a year, Align Technology received FDA clearance, and they distributed Invisalign in 1999 to orthodontists. The revolutionary clear aligners expanded internationally, and by 2002, general practitioners were able to make Invisalign an available treatment option for the mass public.
According to People magazine, Chishti—while he was on a date—was told that he needed to get his teeth fixed. He ended up getting metal braces, which gave him the idea to invent clear teeth aligners. He took his idea, business smarts and drive and spent his time creating Invisalign.

Why do so many people love Invisalign? 

More than 2 million people have treated their malocclusion problems with Invisalign.
  • It offers a clear alternative to metal braces
  • Invisalign corrects crowding, spacing, crossbite, underbite and overbite
  • The aligners are comfortable and removable
  • You can eat, brush and floss with ease
So, it’s clear that Invisalign has a large number of satisfied patients. If you want to take charge and change your smile for the better, let your Beaumont denist handle your Invisalign consultation. Dr. Helene Suh, Beaumont family dentist, and her staff at Beaumont Smile Center love giving back patients’ smiles.
What do you like about Invisalign? Are you looking to correct your smile? Let us know in the comments!